Unadorned, without filters and mercilessly honest – this is how US-born artist Jeff Sheel passionately captures moments, situations and snapshots of life. His photographs show the world unvarnished with all its facets and destinies, telling an individual story with each shot. The artist does not allow himself to be restricted in his choice of motifs – this quickly becomes apparent when examining his works. The photographer skillfully captures old and young faces, happy and sad moments, harmonious and questionable situations, and is thus able to share not only a picture, but a whole world bound to a story with his audience. Since the person is not aware of the camera the viewer gets to see real life impressions from the flow of time.

Patricia Zenklusen, Zurich

Works and Exhibitions 2023:

  • Duo Exhibition @ Kunsthalle-Friedrich, Frankfurt
  • Group Show @ Thomas Punzmann Contemporary,Frankfurt
  • New Representation @ Artcadia Gallery, Berlin
  • „Downtown Street Stories“ Photo Book

Works and Exhibitions 2022:

  • Group Show Kunstverein Familie Montez e.V., Frankfurt
  • Featured Artist Issue 19 Artist Talk Magazin
  • Wien Museum „Vienna Street Photography“
  • Selected Photographer at the Trieste Photo Days
  • Solo Show @ Thomas Punzmann Contemporary, Frankfurt
  • Accepted Artist ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich
  • Swiss Art Expo, Zurich 24. – 28. August
  • Group Show @ Thomas Punzmann Contemporary

Works and Exhibitions 2021:

  • Selected Photographer at the Trieste Photo Days 2021
  • Museo del Territorio di Cormòns, Trieste
  • Swiss Photo Club Awards, Lachenmann Art Frankfurt
  • ANTAN Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG Frankfurt
  • Villa Belvedere, Eltville